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Saturday, April 2, 2011


It was a "last minute" booking. Liz got the call last monday that Tracy Adkins was in need of a comedian, singer, songwriter to perform at a surprise 40th birthday party and a wonderful woman, remembering having seen me do a show for her husband's business, recommended me highly.

So it was booked! But Liz, my crafty manager, always on the lookout to get me as much money as possible for a gig, suggested to Mrs. Adkins that for extra money, "Larry will write a song about the birthday boy, based on information you send him".

Two days later I had received e mails from Dr. Adkins secretary, his wife, and from one other associate. I then sat down and began writing. for some reason the melody to Carly Simon's "you're So Vain" kept nagging at me so I set the words to that song, re-worked the lyrics several times throughout the week, learned the chord structure in a key I could sing (Carly and I have a different range), put the lyrics into my word processor, found an appropriate font and some fancy stationery, then framed the piece for presentation as a gift for Dr. Aron.

Tracy, who loves April Fool's day, decided to hold the surprise party on April Fool's night - perfect because his actual birthday is not until May 5, so he was totally surprised.

The party was held in a back banquet room at Draganetti's so I arrived very early (5PM) to set up a small P.A. which I then hid behind one of those "accordion" doors. This made the set up perfect as the guest would not even know I was there until shortly after the dinner dishes had been removed at which time I pushed open the accordion door and rolled out the P.A., mic, and guitar and launched into a part roast, part celebration type show, the climax being the singing of the song made with the information I had been given.

Midway through the show, I stopped and took a picture of the group -- (Dr. Adkins is the one at the mirrored back wall, glasses and white shirt, and folded arms ( body language for self defense).

Unfortunately, his lovely wife Tracy is in the photo to the left (in red) and her face is mostly blocked!
Here's the song parody used:

Dapper Doctor Aron
(to the melody of “You’re So Vain” with apologies to Carly Simon)

He walks in to his office, straightening his tie again
He finishes off a double but his doubles are not made wth gin
His favorite is double latte with two Equal and a shot of protein
But he has to find a new cup, someone’s scratched his old one again

Aron - you’re not vain, we’re just here to share your birthday
You’re not vain, we’re just here to share your birthday, aren’t we? Aren’t we?

Aron’s so secure in his manhood that he can wear a dress shirt in pnk
He’s so secure in his manhood, This Eagle Scout doesn’t care what you think!
That’s because he’s smarter than everyone here and Apple Computers are his favorite tool
He loves Tracy and his daughters and everything but Aprl Fool


Aron was a great student, didn’t have to take the entrance exam
And he set a national record score on his final exam
Everyone who knows him knows he is neat and fair
Everyone who knows him knows he’s the harest workin’ doc in Eau Claire


Some might call Aron anal but that’s not a term that I’d use
I would call him thrifty - Here’s an example that you can use:
Scratches always upset him but he knows just what to do
He even dropped an “a” from his first name, it got scratched, there was nothing to lose


Now, Dr. Aron has reached forty, And he is the proudest father of four
And all his ladies love hm - wait! It looks like there may be one more!
Gone now is the Audi, a Buick in its stead
And the guests better eat all the cake here
He wants no crumbs in his car or his bed!

Aron’s not vain, This was just a birthday song about him
He’s not vain
This is a Happy Birthday song about you, about you, about you!

Happy Birthday, Aron!


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