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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HEY MIKEY! RUN THE "Refrigerator, Freezer" Package AGAINST DA BEARS

I awoke from a dream about the upcoming game between the Packers and Da Bears, and it's too cool not to relate. In the dream, I see the Packers at the Bears two yard line. On first down they line up with a never before seen offensive configuration - lined up at half back and full back in "the bone" are #95, Howard Green and #90, B.J. Raji.

At the snap of the ball, A-Rod fakes to Green who leads the way for BJ Raji to blast into the end zone.


If (and this might be a big if) B.J. Raji has good hands and is not apt to fumble), to my way of thinking this is a great new vamp of the 1985 Bears running "The Refrigerator" Perry when close to the goal.

If it works once, I would run it at least once every time we get close to the goal. Then if they stop it, fake the run and throw a touch down pass to Donald Driver.

No one will have to ask: "Where's the beef?"

I have a dream.


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