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Thursday, October 14, 2010


We had quite a wednesday! Wednesday afternoon I spent keeping vigil for my friend Doug Cox who was in the hospital for yet another procedure. Kim had the house to herself as she was visiting with a teacher friend of hers.

On my way to the hospital via Highway 94, I spotted three different police cars, one from the Eau Claire sheriff's , one from the State Patrol and one from the Eau Claire Police. All were traveling at a high rate of speed with lights flashing and sirens wailing.

I thought that maybe they were doing a sting operation on the interstate.

When I got home Kim related the following story to me.

Kim's sitting visiting when suddenly there is a very loud banging on the front door. She opens the door to find an Eau Claire policeman armed with an automatic weapon.

Kim doesn't see the weapon until she opens the door. She says "Hi! and then "That's a gun!"

The policeman informs her that there is a felon who has escaped and is somewhere in the neighborhood and that she should keep her door locked. He leaves.

Kim and visitor are understandably shook by the news and start looking out various windows to see what they can see - which is nothing.

Some time passes and there is another really loud banging on the door, which puts the women's hearts in their throats. This time it is an Eau Claire Sheriff's deputy who tells them that the felon has been captured and everything is all clear.

Today's Eau Claire Leader telegram ran the story as the lead story. (There is a brief story on the incident at the following link:


Here's some quotes from the Leader Telegram:

Law enforcement officials from several Wisconsin and Minnesota agencies were on hand when 20 year old Quyumba Ontario Wilson of Minnesota was apprehended wednesday near Hobbs Road in the town of Washington. Wilson, a Mankato State University student was wanted on multiple felony charges. He was taken into custody after a pursuit that reached speeds of 100 mph. To view more photos go to leadertelegramphotos.com.

Wilson is accused of stalking, raping, strangling, and holding against her will, a woman student from Mankato State.

Kim wants to express her thanks to all the agencies involved, especially the Eau Claire Police and Eau Claire Sheriff's Department for being so quick to respond and warn everyone in the neighborhood.

For photos of the incident go to: leadertelegramphotos.com


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Dianne said...

Can Kim use the 9mm? Or better yet the cowboy gun? Time for target practice? Pistol Packin Momma?