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Monday, May 3, 2010


Today is a day that I wish I had a complete command of the language so that I could say what I want to say and say it well. Today is Jonathan Heagle's birthday.

All day today I had flashes of memories with Jonathan as he grew.

For a time we lived out on Elk Lake and the memory flashes back to the day that Jon, then around 2-3 years of age, was riding in his child seat on the handle bars of my bike, we were speeding down a steep hill and a german shepherd came out of nowhere and threw himself into my bicycle.

Miraculously neither of us was injured severely. I had a goodly sized abrasion on my leg and Jon had a cheek abrasion.

Thereafter, whenever we passed the house where that dog lived, Jon would point and say: "german sheffer".

When he was four years old or so, he and I would get up early of a saturday morning and the two of us would walk on down to the Country Kitchen which was little more than a mile from the house.

I remember fondly organizing his sixth birthday for his first grade friends - sent them on a "treasure hunt" and enjoyed the children's excitement right along with them.

Then came a long long separation from my two boys. They went with their mother to Austin, Texas and were gone for two years. It was a very difficult time for all of us.

I was so proud of Jonathan all the way through high school. He had begun playing guitar and in the blink of an eye surpassed any and all of the knowledge that I have about the instrument. He totally dedicated himself to his instrument and he grew.

He attended jazz camp up on Shell Lake, hung with Geoffrey Keezer and lots of other good musicians. He finished his university years at a great music school, Indiana, University.

I so admire his courage of conviction in taking the step to move out to New York City to make his way as a player. That takes tremendous courage!

And over and over he has proved himself to be one of the best guitar players around.

Several times he has come home and stepped up and jammed with me and/or my bands. He and I have had some soul touching musical moments together.

He got his band nickname: "Circus" from having been chosen to tour nationwide with the Ringling Barnum Bailey Show Kaliedoscape.

Jon Heagle has turned into a really good man in so may ways. I miss him and wish I could be with him. Happy Birthday, Jon! I hope I live long enough to see you get your due as a guitarist. You are my number one picker, dude!