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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Did anybody catch Brett Fave's appearance on Joe buck's new show on HBO this week? I have such mixed emotions about the man. Since my last blog about him, I received an e mail from a Green Bay Packer fan in Ohio -- well -- he is not much of a fan right now because of Green Bay's Teddy Thompson -- I am not a Ted fan myself.

But Kirk made some good points in his e mail. Hee it is:

Regarding your Favre post-------my opinion is that any player can retire or un-retire if he wishes, especially if a team wants him. There is no loyalty is sports, never was. We always hear from old timers about the players in the past playing for the love of the game and being loyal to their team---that was because they had no options! The owners ruled with an iron fist, and it was always “my way or the highway”. (Ask Jim Ringo!) Now players have some flexibility and when a player can get back at an owner (or GM) I am all for it.

Forrest Gregg retired and un-retired about 6 times, each time coming back to play for GB. Don Huston retired and un-retired several times, each time coming back. The last time, his final year he waited to come back till the 1st game, skipping all of training camp. I believe no less a legend than Vince Lombardi retired, found out he missed coaching, asked for his “release” from GB (the executive committee was classy back then and gave it to him) and went to Washington, where he began to turn that team around before his death at a relatively young age. I wonder what the GB fans would have thought of him had he lived and turned the Redskins in to champions? Maybe we’ll get to see Favre turn the Vikes in to champions. We don’t know if it will happen, but it sure would be a fun story.

The problem I have with GB is the way they said they were moving forward, but were sufficiently fearful of Favre that they tried to keep him from playing. And they certainly didn’t want to face him as a Viking. If they were truly moving forward, they should have said “here’s your release, thanks for the memories, the records and the winning, good luck, see you on opening day”. I admire his competitiveness, and the fact that he wants to come back and stick it to em. Kind of the “American way”.


This is obviously a smart and savvy sports fan. I guess I can see his point and accept it. But it isn't going to make it any easier to see Brett in a purple jersey if that happens this fall.

I don't think anybody who hasn't gone to the Windbag in Minneapolis for a game can really appreciate how boorish and classless many Viking fans are. I won't ever go up there again and spend my money to be insulted.

When I walked out of the tunnel into the seating area, some drunk stood up and yelled at me: "Get the fuck outa here and don't ever fuckin' come back!"

Hey - nice to see you too pal.

When I got back to my vehicle I found that some lovely Viking fans had chewed up granola bars and spit them all over my car.



Jut back from a gig with the State Foresters in Neillsville. I told my game warden story and after the show a guy came up and told me that he is a personal friend of TJ's. then he shook my hand and told me that I was "right on the money" with the story.

He then told me that since TJ has retired he is a changed man. He said he once asked him what he would do if they told him to come back to work and supposedly TJ said: "I would pour myself a glass of wine, get into the hot tub, and slit h is wrists."

Well, we can hope.



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