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Thursday, May 7, 2009


This week I finally managed to complete my "rendition" of the helmet worn by one of the San Diego Chargers all time great receivers, Lance Alworth.

There is quite a story in the acquisition of this particular Rawlings helmet. I originally bid on and won the helmet way back on March 5th.

Well, the guy that I won it from makes his entire living selling things through eBay. I had already purchased two helmets from him in the past with little hassle. He more than made up for it with this transaction.

Shortly after winning the helmet, he sent me the wrong helmet. The one you see is a large and it originally had no face mask. He sent me a small with a two bar mask. I dropped him an e mail explaining the situation, he apologized and told me to return it to him and that he would send the correct one out immediately.

So I shipped the wrong one back to him the next day. A couple of weeks went by and i got nothing from him nor did I hear from him. So once again I e mailed him and asked what the hold up was. After a couple of days I got a return e mail telling me that his "shipper" had mistakenly set my package aside and it hadn't gotten shipped but that he would remedy that immediately.

Around St Patrick's day i received another box from him. Ah, I think! It's finally settled. I open the box to find that HE HAS RE-SHIPPED THE SAME DAMN HELMET!

Again I send him a rather upset e mail about getting the same WRONG item back! He apologizes, tells me to keep the wrong one with me while he ships the correct one. A couple more weeks pass and no helmet. finally I get tired of looking at the wrong item - it only upsets me - so I ship it back to him - registered mail.

Within three days he contacts me by e mail to tell me that he got it. But still I have not gotten my correct item. Then finally, this past monday, my mailman brings a box to the office door. At first I panic because I can see that it is the same box that I shipped the other helmet back to him in - but I open the box and it is the correct one.

Truthfully, at this point, I figured he was just jerking my chain and I would be out the sixty some dollars I originally spent. I am glad it is finally over with! I think I have made my last offer to buy merchandise from this outlet!!!

My thanks to Martin Potrezbowski of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for providing me with great Charger decals and to Helmet Hut for supplying me with the three inch numerals.


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